2020 Planning Applications

Appl. No.LocationDescription
19/11796/FULDell View, Milton Road, Little Salisbury, Pewsey, SN9 5NBConversion and extension of existing garage to form a single residential unit
20/00033/CLPCobetts Way, The Street,
Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQ
Installation of roof light, rear extension inc roof light & bi-fold doors, conversion of part of garage to living accommodation
20/02472/TCAWestering House, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, SN9 5LQ3 x Douglas Fir trees - reduce 2 trees by 50% and shorten laterals on all 3
20/01660/FUL3 Milton Hill Farm Cottages, Pewsey, SN9 6LZFirst Floor extension to provide new master bedroom suite and relocate existing bathroom

2019 Planning Applications

Appl. No.LocationDescription
19/01176/LBCKing Hall, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQReplace existing timber windows with new timber hardwood frames and double glazed and draft proof units
18/12001/FULThe Vinery, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQDomestic Annexe (for carer) to replace modern double garage
19/00102/TCACumberland Lodge, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQFell First Tree, Fell Laurel and reduce height of yew, holly and laurel to 2.5m
18/10210/FULVillage Hall Recreation Ground, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQInstall Hyland P8 children climbing frame tower within the village playpark
19/00914/FULLittleworth House, Littleworth, SN9 5LFProposed 2 storey and single storey extension to main dwelling, demolition of existing building, outbuilding and erection of new ancillary accomodation
18/10999/FULThree Horseshoes, Little Salisbury, SN9 5NBChange of use and sub-division of the dwelling to form 2 buildings
19/00075/TCA1 Lawn Farm Close, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5QASilver Birch x 2 - Crown reduction by 30% with shaping
18/11913/FULMartinsgate, Littleworth, SN9 5LFRemoval of porch and erection of conservatory to rear elevation
19/00696/FULThe Manor House, Milton LilbourneConversion of stables to ancillary accommodation
19/02661/FULHavering House, Havering Lane, Milton LilbourneSingle storey extension to bungalow
19/03248/TCAAbbey House, Havering Lane, Milton LilbourneWork to Trees in a Conservation Area
19/02576/FULSomerset House, Milton Lilbourne, Proposed lean to conservatory
19/02911/TCAThe Manor House, Milton Lilbourne50% reduction of 7 x Leylandii trees
19/04123/TCAFyfield House, Fyfield, SN9 5JS30% crown reduction to Beech Tree
19/03516/FUL12 The New Severalls, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LLProposed two storey side and rear extensions and associated internal alterations
19/05092/TCAFern Cottage, The Street, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQYew Tree in need of pruning to maintain health of tree - tree surgeon recommendation is to reduce crown by 10%
19/05588/TCAWestering House, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, SN9 5LQHorse Chestnut tree- thin lower 30% of southern crown by 30% and shape Cypress & Acer trees - shorten branches overhanging shed roof by 2m-3m and shape
19/05082/FULCumberland Lodge, The Street, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, SN9 5LQVarious internal alterations to dwelling, conversion of outbuilding, creation of new single external door and new window and creation of one parking space
19/05615/LBCCumberland Lodge, The Street, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, SN9 5LQListed Building consent
19/06494/TCAFyfield House, Fyfield, Pewsey, SN9 5JSFell 2 x Beech Trees & 3 x Leylandii Trees
19/06233/TCASomerset House, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, Sn9 5LQFell Yew & Holly Tree
19/06819/TCAAbbey House, Havering Lane, Milton Lilbourne, Pewsey, SN9 5LJFell Oak Tree & Beech Tree
19/08460/TCAAvoncourt House, Milton LilbourneCherry Tree Fell
19/08333/TCAThe Vinery, The Street, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQT3 Group comprises a young ash and young sycamore removal
19/09259/FULTile House, Clench, Pewsey, SN8 4NTProposed First Floor Extension
19/10487/FULClench House, Clench, SN8 4NTDemolition of existing conservatory and construction of new garden room
19/10850/TCAClover Cottage, The Street, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQAsh Trees - 1 large & 1 secondary younger spur. Pollard large Ash and remove small Ash tree
19/11243/FUL23 The New Severalls, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LLProposed side and rear extensions, new roof & conversion of roof space. Proposed dropped kerb & off road parking

2018 Planning Applications

Appl. No.LocationDescription
18/10422/DDDWestering House Milton Lilbourne(Leaning) Lawson Cypress - fell
18/07518/TCAFern Cottage The Street Milton LilbourneApple Tree - fell
18/06846/FUL2 Burbage Road Milton LilbourneSingle storey side extension
18/05702/FUL1 The Cedars LittleworthA hip to gable extension to the rear of the property, with the inclusion of 1no. window in the new gable. Solar PV to the front of the property and the side plane of the rear gable extension
18/05551/CLP2 Burbage Road Milton LilbourneProposed single storey side and rear extension. Proposed canopy to porch
18/05914/LBCThe Old Vicarage Pewsey Milton LilbourneProposed Single Storey Side Extension and Associated Internal Alterations, Proposed New French Doors to Sitting Room
18/05265/FULThe Old Vicarage Pewsey Milton LilbourneProposed Single Storey Side Extension and Associated Internal Alterations, Proposed New French Doors to Sitting Room
18/05000/TCASt Peters Church Milton LilbourneConifer tree - fell
18/04997/TCAThe Manor House Milton LilbourneAsh tree - remove 4 overhanging limbs to clear stables roof 2 Yew trees - reduce height to 3m
18/01225/FULTotteridge Farm LittleworthChange of use from agriculture to campsite to include up to five camping pods plus parking. Bio-digester for foul waste and grey water.
Havering House Havering Lane Milton LilbourneDemolition of existing potting shed and greenhouse and construction of garage and greenhouse on same site, within curtilage of listed building
18/00326/FULMayfield House ClenchExtension of garage and first floor conversion to form office and research facility