Open Spaces

Milton Lilbourne

The Recreation Ground consists of a playpark, kindly donated through the Parish members in 2007 providing for swings and equipment for the young to a full sized football pitch for the older children. The playground is open all year round.

The Recreation Field is also the site for the village’s annual Fete and Rough & Tumble events.

In supporting the Village Hall & Recreation Ground committee, the Parish Council has always maintained that members of the community be allowed to exercise their dogs on the Recreation Field. However we would again ask all parishioners to maintain vigilance & report if any dog owners allow their dogs to foul the recreation ground play area and do not clear up after them.

Unfortunately if we cannot all work together, we have the problem that we would need to ban all dogs to alleviate the issue and thus for the safety of the children & the community using the play area & recreation grounds have dogs banned.

I remind you all that bins are provided for these reasons and rules re dog fouling can be found here (Wiltshire Council Dog Fouling Rules)