About the Council

Your Parish council consists of the Parish Clerk and 8 members.  Meetings are held in the Village Hall and always commence at 7.30.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and bring any concerns and suggestions they may have to the attention of the Council or simply to see what your council is doing on your behalf; it is important for residents to take part.

The Parish Council is legally required to deliver certain services e.g. to help maintain the recreation ground, various outlying vantage points and maintenance of various features and additions for the benefit of the community. They also have the power to spend money on your behalf on various crime prevention measures, to deal with ponds and ditches, to maintain footpaths and bridleways and light roads and public places.

Several events are organised by the Village Hall Committee in conjunction with local community including the now famous Rough & Tumble event/s in January each year, as well as the summer fete in June alongside many other events during the course of the year.

In 2008 the Village Design Statement was set up with local parishioners asked to by way of a questionnaire to contribute to the overall scheme & content, to ensure that any further building in the village is of a sympathetic nature to the village environment.

Your Councillors are always willing to take on board any of your concerns and bring them to the next council meeting for discussion.